Making homemade musical instruments with your children is an enjoyable and imaginative activity that can provide endless entertainment -something we truly appreciate! So here are some fun musical instruments you can make with regular household items:


Take plastic containers and fill them with dried beans or rice. Your little one can shake them to create a rhythmic sound and have fun decorating the outsides.

Paper Plate Tambourines.

Take two paper plates and secure them together using tape or glue, ensuring that dried beans or rice are placed inside. You can let your little ones decorate the outer surface of the plates using paint, stickers, or pens.

Rubber Band Guitars.

Turn your little ones into rockstars! Attach several rubber bands to the top of a cardboard box and let your child strum away.

Rain Sticks.

Use a cardboard tube or paper towel roll and fill it with rice or dried beans and cover both ends. Flip the rain stick upside down and let your child enjoy the soothing sound created by the rice or beans falling through the tube.

Bottle Xylophone.

Gather glass bottles of different sizes and fill them with different amounts of water, then use a spoon or stick to tap the bottles to create different sounds.

Drum Set.

Grab a cardboard box and cover the top with a piece of cloth or paper. Encourage your child to use a wooden spoons to tap on the surface, producing a drumming sound.

We wish you and your little ones an enjoyable time creating musical instruments together!

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