Starting school can be an equally daunting time for families, that’s why at Arden Early Learning we run the Qld Government Approved Kindergarten Program led by University Qualified Teachers at both of our centres.

We know what helps children to have the best start to their school-life, and implement a kindergarten program that will ensure they hit the ground running. We’ve built connections with the local schools and organise for regular excursions to nearby schools and school events.

We will work with you, your child and the school teachers to make sure your child is ready for the next step in their journey.

What is Kindergarten?

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  • In Queensland Kindy refers to the year before children begin formal schooling, which lays the foundation for future academic, physical, social and emotional development and success.
  • Within Kindy, children engage in learning through play, which fosters the development of gross and fine motor skills, early literacy and numeracy concepts, social skills, and language proficiency.
  • Kindy fosters the cultivation of social skills through group activities, enabling children to form friendships and learn valuable negotiation skills while interacting with their peers.
  • Most importantly, Kindy is also a source of immense enjoyment for children. They relish their time together, creating cherished memories that stay with them for years to come!

Our Kindy program

Our Qld Government Approved Kindergarten Program, led by our Early Childhood Teacher has been designed to give children the best start to their school-life, and hit the ground running.

We’ve built connections with the local schools and organise for regular excursions to nearby schools and school events. We don’t only prepare children to be school-ready, we teach then valuable life skills such as:

Independence                         Social Skills

Emotional Development        Resilience

Self-help abilities

These skills contribute to their well-rounded growth and prepare them for the challenges of both school and life.

We conduct quarterly Kindergarten Information sessions for parents and guardians, which provide valuable insights into the operation of our Kindergarten program, the methods we employ to prepare children for school, and the expectations associated with our kindergarten program.

These sessions also provide a platform for parents to interact with teachers, ask any questions they may have, and establish connections with our center’s staff. The primary objective of these sessions is to foster a sense of trust and community between us and the families we serve, ensuring that they feel well-informed and confident in their child’s educational journey.

Please note the Governments Free Kindy initiative is currently only available at Arden Early Learning Ormeau, but coming to Airlie Beach shortly!

We sat down with our kindy kids to find out what they loved about Arden Early Learning!

We have highly-qualified educators that will work with you to develop a plan that will support and nurture your child to meet their educational and developmental milestones. We offer a government approved Kindergarten Program, this is a play based program the is designed to meet governments guidelines to support children’s participation in quality early childhood education.

The program focuses on helping children to be prepared for their transition to school, it also helps children to develop a wide range of essential skills. The program runs for at least 15 hours per week, 40 weeks per calendar year.

Our focus far exceeds a tick and flick checklist. We want to ensure we are sending confident and involved learners into the world. The room ratio is 1:11 and the room capacity is 22 children with 2 staff members. We supply sunscreen, Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea.

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Additional Support

Where a family meets certain criteria, we can claim QKFS Plus Kindy Support, if you meet one of the below criteria please discuss this additional support with our Centre Manager.

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Families
  • Families with multiple births
  • Health Care Holders
  • A current Australian Government Health Care Card
  • A Department of Veterans Affairs’ Gold Card or White Card
  • A current Australian Government Pension Concession Card with automatic Health Care Card entitlements
  • Formal communication, such as a letter, from the relevant agency stating the intent to issue a Health Care Card.

More information

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To find out more about Kindy Savings and your eligibility, please click here.

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