By Emma Thomas 

Good workplaces and bad workplaces – what is the difference? Often part of the difference is you! As educators we all have different priorities, philosophies and ways of working so it makes sense to find a service where you fit in and are valued for your contribution. We spend a lot of our waking hours at work, so make sure it’s somewhere you enjoy being! When looking for a new job, there are many important things to take into consideration.


When looking for a new job, take time to consider what is important to you in your personal and professional life. Think about your personality and how you like to work. Consider your current stage of life and the sort of commitment you want to make. 

Maybe you’re interested in working for a large chain where there is opportunity for growth and support from head office. Or perhaps a small family run centre would suit you better, where you can foster personal connections and develop deep relationships. 

Are you at a stage of life where you want to move for work? Or is it important to find something in your local area?

Think about what sort of centre you would like to be a part of. Does a start up interest you, where you are able to shape the culture of the centre? Or are you looking to join an established team? 


Be clear about what you want and what you can bring to the team. What special skills do you have and what point of difference do you bring to a team? Maybe you play a musical instrument or have skills in gardening. You might be a champion for sustainability or someone who bakes for morning tea!

Communicate about what you need. Are you looking for specific hours, flexibility with holidays or extra time for studying?

Find your work family

You want to walk into a service and feel at home. You want to find people you can become your work family! Look at how the centre is set up and this will give you a sense of how things are managed. Observe how educators interact with each other, children and families – this will give you a good idea about how they will treat  you. 


You need to be comfortable with the philosophy of a centre if you’re going to work there. Be clear on what things matter to you (the way children are treated, how staff interact with each other) and find out if this aligns with the service. Find out if they follow a particle model of education or theorists philosophy. 

Career Progression 

Consider what you are looking for in the next few years and if the service is able to support you. Are you planning future study and are there opportunities for professional development at the service? 

Be part of the solution 

When you start at a new service you have a unique opportunity to impact the culture and practice. You can share things that you have seen at other services and contribute to a positive work culture. 

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