At Arden Early Learning, we believe that the magic of a good book holds the key to unlocking endless possibilities. We see that sparkle in their eyes, hear the giggles between the pages, and witness the way children get lost in the fantastical worlds stories hold. But how do we ignite that spark, cultivate that love for reading, and turn our little ones into lifelong bookworms? Here are some tips we weave into our classrooms and encourage you to share at home:

  1. Build a Book Bonanza: Create a reading space, a dedicated place filled with colourful picture books, engaging chapter books, and even interactive pop-up wonders. Let them choose their own adventures, browse at their own pace, and build a sense of ownership over what they would like to read. 
  2. Lead by Example. Children are keen observers, mimicking our words and actions. If they see you curled up with a book and hear you discuss your favourite characters they’ll be naturally drawn to that world. 
  3. Make it a Shared Adventure. Snuggle up together for bedtime stories, take turns reading aloud, and create silly voices for different characters. Encourage questions, ask who their favourite character is or what they think will happen next. 
  4. Explore Your Local Library. Explore the shelves together, participate in storytime sessions, and ask the librarians for their suggestions.
  5. Celebrate Reading! Throw a themed book party, dress up as your favourite characters, or create a homemade “read-o-meter” to track their progress. Make reading a celebration, a joyous event filled with fun and laughter!

At Arden Early Learning, we believe that every child has the potential to become a bookworm. Happy reading, little adventurers!

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