Here at Arden Early Learning, we’ve got a selection of out-of-this-world activities to keep your little astronauts entertained and engaged throughout the holidays:

  1. Escape Room:

Transform your house into a thrilling escape room adventure! Hide clues around the house leading to a hidden treasure (a small treat or toy). Craft age-appropriate puzzles or riddles that need to be solved to find the next clue. This activity encourages creative thinking, problem-solving skills, and teamwork (if siblings are involved).

  1. Sensory Play:

Set up different sensory stations around the house to engage all their senses. Fill a bin with dry beans or rice for them to bury toys in, create a colourful ice excavation with frozen toys trapped inside, or set up a taste test with different mystery fruits and vegetables blindfolded!

  1. Backyard Olympics:

Get active and playful with a backyard Olympics! Organise simple games like a water balloon toss, a sack race (use pillowcases!), or an obstacle course made with household items. Award homemade medals for extra fun.

  1. Fort Building Extravaganza!

Gather blankets, pillows, chairs, and anything else you can find to construct the ultimate indoor fort! Once the fort is complete, snuggle up inside with books, flashlights, and their favourite stuffed animals for a cozy reading adventure.

  1. Sidewalk Masterpieces:

Take the creativity outdoors! Sidewalk chalk is a simple yet endlessly fun activity. They can draw hopscotch squares, create a solar system mural, or write messages for neighbours to see. Remember to check if sidewalk chalk is permitted in your area beforehand!


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