Yoga can be a fantastic activity for your children, offering them a chance to learn important life skills and develop healthy habits while staying active. If you haven’t introduced your little one to yoga yet, here are a few reasons why you might want to consider it.

Non competitor sport

Unlike regular sports, where there’s often a focus on competition and performance, yoga encourages children to connect their minds and bodies and appreciate what their bodies can do. It’s a non-competitive way for them to stay active and focus on themselves rather than comparing themselves to others.

Yoga also helps children build the right balance of strength and muscle tone as they grow, which can make their bodies more stable and mobile, which can reduce the risk of injury.

Assists with emotional development

Beyond the physical benefits, yoga can also play a role in your child’s emotional development. It teaches them how to relax their minds and bodies, which can be helpful for handling emotions, dealing with stress, and concentrating better.

Evenmore, yoga equips children with strategies to understand how their environment affects them, giving them the power to make choices about how they react to situations.

We strongly recommend giving yoga a try to boost your child’s physical, social and emotional growth. If you decide to explore it, look for classes that offer sessions for both parents and children, as it’s a wonderful way to bond together as a family. Alternatively you could also access Yoga classes online to do in your lounge room together.