For little ones, starting childcare can be a monumental milestone. It’s filled with exciting new experiences, but also a natural dose of separation anxiety and unfamiliarity. As parents, we want nothing more than to ensure our children feel safe, comfortable, and loved in their new environment. So, how can we, as early learning educators, create a “home away from home” that fosters a smooth transition and happy beginnings?


How we build a familiar atmosphere:

  • Warmth and Welcome: A smile goes a long way! We greet each child warmly by name, make eye contact, and use positive body language. We let them know they’re seen, heard, and valued.
  • Homely Touches: We incorporate familiar elements into the classroom. Soft lighting, cosy rugs and homely environments create a sense of security. 
  • Routine and Consistency: Children thrive on predictability. We try our best to establish daily routines with our little ones, with clear expectations for meals, playtime, nap time, and other activities. Consistency helps children feel secure and in control.


How we fostering connections:

  • Playful Interactions: All of our educators spend time getting to know each child individually through playful interactions. Understanding and engaging in their interests, reading stories together, and singing songs. 
  • Positive Reinforcement: We celebrate every little achievement, no matter how small and it’s important for our parents and caregivers to try to do this at home as much as possible because positive reinforcement builds confidence and encourages children to explore and learn.
  • Open Communication: We always encourage open communication with our parents and caregivers. We also use Storypark to share daily updates about their child’s experiences, to share photos of their activities and give information and updates about the centre.


How we support individual needs: 

  • Respectful Transitions: Our educators allow children to adjust at their own pace. We let them explore the environment, observe other children, and gradually build trust with caregivers.
  • Sensory Sensitivities: We know that every child is different, some children may be sensitive to noise, bright lights, or certain textures, it’s important for parents and caregivers to share this information with us so that we can help accommodate their child’s needs.
  • Culturally Responsive Practices: We actively celebrate diversity and cultural differences to make all children feel welcome and represented.

Remember, building a strong foundation of trust and comfort takes time, but with your support we can create a “home away from home” where your children feel safe, loved, and ready to thrive in their early learning journey.

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